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We do try to keep a record of projects and when someone has  remembered to photograph them it is great to be able to look back and see what we achieved!

From small beginnings

It is amazing what a bunch of creative people will come up with!

Phil loveSign

May 2024

Phil’s steady hand and charming ideas produce another brilliant sign!

Fran rustic sign

May 2024

For a leaving present Fran made this little rustic sign so her colleague would remember to care for his new unusual plant. 

Phil clock

May 2024

Phil is now so precise with the scroll saw we’ve all given up looking for mistakes!.

Peter Yarn2

May 2024

Peter made this yarn holder using his own ‘cut round corners’ chisel to hollow out the inside.

Graham wheelbarrow

May 2024

Graham’s wheelbarrow is now brightly painted and beautifully planted.

April 2024

Malcolm made this brilliant oak toy box seat for his grandaughter.

Adrian Chair refurb

April 2024

Adrian celebrating the completion of his garden seat refurbishment.

Malcolm chess board

April 2024

Malcolm added an oak frame to his so accurate chessboard.

Phil pallet wood nesting box

April 2024

Phil used free pallet wood to make this neat nesting box.

Rob Drawers

April 2024

Rob decided to use some donated drawer runners to make a set of drawers to store the many donated spare drills, donated fixings.

Phil dovetail box

March 2024

Phil said just a few weeks ago that he had never cut a dovetail joint before. Now with a confident accuracy he has committed some contrasting hardwood and produced this brilliant piece of work.



HTU signs

March 2024

The horticultural Training Unit on site are developing some new areas and asked us for some signs. So Rob and Brian used a hand held router to cut only slightly wobbly lettering.

Phil Kiss me I'm Irish

March 2024

Phil carves a message in oak! Never mind the big letters, how did he get the scroll saw to do those tiny letters?

Dave's shelf

March 2024

Dave and Mark worked together to produce this very strong good looking shelf.

Amy Happy Camper

March    2024

Amy is now well practiced on this circular theme. So this wedding present for her sister is going to be just perfect. Look closely at the edge to see the LED lights, which should help the newly weds to avoid the nettles!

Phil Luck o the Irish

March 2024

Phil has been creating magic with a little bit of oak and a now fully tamed scroll saw.




Alan Box to order

March 2024

The box Alan made a year ago was admired and a ceertain lady asked him to make one for herself. I think she will be rather pleased with it!

Phil Wee bit Irish
Phil Irish Top Hat

March 2024

Phil has a connection across the water so a little shamrock and an Irish Top Hat seemed like aessential items ready for St Patrick’s day this month.

Phil softwood dovetail box

February 24

Phil was dissatisfied with the jig and router cut dovetails, so he made a new box cutting them all by hand. We think this waxed softwood has a splendid antique look.

Lee 3 laser cut boxes

February 2024

Lee’s laser cut boxes are in great demand. Made with 3mm birch ply, we are all amazed at the fine cutting to make the ‘stretchy hinge’.

South sign

February 24

Rob and Brian with help from few others made a new sign for the Earth Balance trustees.

This one is at the South Entrance to the site.

North sign

February 24

The North sign shows the charities and businesses at this entrance.

Brian thatched bird table

February 2024

The birds in Brian’s garden will be dining in style very soon!

Phil softwood carry homel box

Phil knocked up this carry home box in the blink of an eye!

Phil key to heart

February 24

The romancer of the month goes to Phil. He must have a very steady hand on the scroll saw!

Some of us have already been pointedly asked, “Why don’t you ever make lovely things like this?”

Graham bird table roof

February 24

Graham is always super accurate and this little roof for a bird feeder made with treated timber should keep the rain off perfectly

Phil FingerJoints Experiment

January 24

Phil experimented with softwood making finger joints using his new jig. He got quick and really accurate results, though in fact he still wasn’t satisfied!

Amy bowl + repair catch

January 24

Amy had a little ‘catch’ whilst turning the little fine bowl – hence the glued repair on the lip.

Fence fixing

January 24

Brian, Rob and Adrian fixed more storm damage. They heaved this heavy fence upright and fixed it to the ReDress building and the office – it should stay safe for everyone who walks this way.

Amy round table

January 24

Amy did all the cutting and sanding for this oak table at the shed then decorated and fixed the legs to finish this delightful little piece of furniture at home.




Dennis Fine Finnish serving table

January 24

Dennis restored this much admired fine Finnish serving table.

Lee slate coasters

December 23

Lee takes plain slate coasters and adds laser etched decorations.

Lee key fobs+door signs
Lee is making lots of key fobs and door signs.
Rob+Brian Gate end

December 23

Christmas day winds saw the North entrance gate smashed. Rob managed to start cutting some new mortices before having to call Brian.

Lee lazer cut clock

December 23

Lee’s laser cutter seems to be quietly cutting away turning out lots of etched and cut items. This clock has a rather nice look.

Adrian Wheelbarrow

December 23

Adrian’s beautifully solid wheelbarrow planter is beginning to be put together.

Lee hinged boxes

December 23

Lee’s laser cut boxes made from 3mm ply are delicate and beautifully accurate.

Lee chopping board

December 23

Lee is making a decorated chopping board using laser etching to decorate the wood.

Rob+Brian Gate end2

December 23

Brian finished cutting the mortices and got the gate reassembled so the site could again be secured. Rob added the bolts, dowels and wood stain

Brian Goblet

December 23

Brian turned this nicely proportioned goblet with a little advice from Lee regarding the hollowing out into end grain.

Lee was also busy giving Adrian lathe lessons.

Rob+Brian hole fill

December 23

Rob and Brian answered another request to fill tarmac holes in the Earth Balance North entrance driveway. We were pleased to see the patches we did two years ago are still holding together.

Phil large tree

November 23

One of Phil’s green trees finds a new home.

Graham mangle new handle

November 23

For the last few weeks Graham has been bringing in rotten pieces of timber and copying them in new hardwood!

Graham mangle new rectangle piece

November 23

Another nicely made mystery piece by Graham.

Graham mangle new tray fitted4

November 23

Graham’s mangle revealed!

Memories from simpler mechanical days turning similar handles for our mums.

Phil reindeer

November 23

Phil’s stylised reindeers waiting for a little sanding.




Phil dark eyes

November 23

Some of Phil’s lanterns being tested in proper dark condition1

Graham mangle new handle fitted

November 23

Much later we saw these parts were important for a grand project.

Graham mangle new tray

November 23

Graham sometimes had help from the other Graham (engineering) to make accurate biscuit joints.

Some of us began to guess he was making a tray – maybe with a new idea for sweeping out the crumbs?

Graham mangle new tray fitted2

November 23

Graham’s tray in position – ready to collect the water squeezed out by those powerful rollers.

Phil Ghost lantern

October 23

Phil’s most ghostly lantern so far!

Peter Oak bowl

October 23

Peter made this bowl in less than two hours.

Rob metal bandsaw going

October 23

This metal cutting bandsaw donated from the family of a clockmaker was got going by Rob. Surprisingly it cut brass sheet easily!

Brian Benches
Rob Benches

October 23

Trying to organise upstairs in the shed to a more useful space Brian and Rob made some new benches. As usual all materials were just what we had – so cost is zero.

Velux as should be
1st top coat to Toby Henderson door
Toby House

October 23

Brian and Rob answered a request from Toby Henderson Autistic School to repair 2 Velux windows, (pic here is of a good hinge – we forgot to photograph the broken wood). We also adjusted the catch on this new door and got a little paint applied before the winter rains!

Phil Christmas tree

October 23

Phil has a brilliant eye for design. He made several versions of these ready for Christmas decorations. This is the only one we were quick enough to snap!

Rob+Dennis letter flap

October 23

We only rarely receive letters at the shed, but Rob and Dennis decided to cut a hole in the door and make this brass flap to keep the rain out.

Phil 3 lanterns

October 23

The many faces of Phil’s lamps!

Phil lantern

September 23

Phil is trying out some haloween lantern ideas.







Graham planters

September 23

Graham’s latest pair of planters are engineering perfect in their accuracy.

Fran Walking stick3
Fran Walking stick2
Fran Walking stick4

September 23

Fran popped in to finish the walking stick for her Dad. The turned handle was drilled and epoxy resined on to the hazel stick.

Her pyrograph decoration makes it a very personal present.

Alan home tweet

September 23

Alan made this cute piece for some very special young people.

Malcolm 7dice

September 23

Malcolm made these oak dice with great precision even the rounded corners all have the same radius!

Phil oak chopping board

September 23

Phil made this oak chopping board with the grain going the correct up and down way. Phil’s accuracy as always is perfect and seemingly effortless!

David shoe rack small

September 23

David’s approach to cutting so many mortice and tenon joints showed his professional experience.



Peter bowl 4wood

September 23

Peter made use of the power cut last week to glue these 4 pieces together and this week he turned them into a rather interesting bowl.

Alan 'andle candle3
Alan 'andle candle4

September 23

Nostalgia for 1976

The two Ronnies are fondly remembered by Alan. Everyone seemed to spend the whole afternoon smiling the day Alan showed us this!

toolmaker 8 drawer cabinet2
toolmaker 8 drawer cabinet closed

September 23

Brian refurbished this toolmakers cabinet to nearly the original quality of finish. Rob made a new key to fit the lock.

Rob Bingo on the bus

August 23

The Ashington Veterans like to play bingo on their bus trips, so Rob made a board to help them keep track of play.

Alan perfect foot stool

August 23

Alan’s new stool is an improvement on the last one – more stable, more accurate and this time he used the ‘waste wood’ to make a pair of bookends!


August 23

Brian refurbished this beautiful ‘Tambour Roll Front’ cabinet, which had suffered years in a damp shed.

Malcolm coffee table2
Malcolm coffee in coffee table2

August 23

Malcolm brought in his unique coffee table. Look closely at the resin centre panel to see the coffee beans!

Peter thick oak bowl

July 23

Peter turned this oak bowl successfully confounding the rest of us who thought the crack would lead to disaster!

Peter dealing with tricky timber

July 23

Peter turned a bit of a trunk that eventually revealed quite a lot of soft rot! Undetered he scorched it  to produce an ‘object of interest’.

Brians lighthouse

July 23

Brian had us all guessing when he first turned this cylinder with detail!

Alans Stool pic2

July 23

Alan’s sister in law had a need for a foot stool so Alan made this perfectly proportioned project!

Graham square for sander

July 23

Graham’s engineering background was obvious when he made this new square for the sander.

Keith race track clock

July 23

Keith made this clock in the shape of an historical 1000 mile Italian motor race track called the Millie Miglia. Stirling Moss drove the route at an average of 99mph!

Graham planters

July 23

Graham making a pair of rather nice planters.


June 2023

Keith and Brian rightly proud of their construction of the bench for the William Purves memorial garden.

Thanks to Loud Photography for the photo.

Susan+Gary chopping board
Susan and Gary modestly claim to be just learning woodworking, they’ve managed to get lots of advice and the resulting quality of this walnut and maple ‘mathematical’ chopping board shows a high level of skill. Not one of all these joints shows a gap!
Mark+Lee 1st laser cut2

July 2023

Mark and Lee have been experimenting with Lee’s new laser cutter. Their first result cut in 2mm ply looks pretty impressive!

Malcolm oak whiskyFlight

June 2023

Malcolm made this oak whisky flight.


June 2023

We put a brass label with the shed name to show who made this super quality item!

ParishCouncil Award

June 2023

The shed was awarded a Parish Council Community Service Award. Well done us!

ParishCouncil Award table

June 2023

We got lots of interest with our display of recent successes!

KeithM examining falcon stand clipped

July 2023

Keith the falconer examining the finished stand. He seemed really pleased with it. We hope he’ll find the time to come back and make another himself!

Brian+new Keith biggest turning

June 2023

A Falconer asked if we could turn a large stand with some ash he had been carefully seasoning for the last 8 years. We had never turned anything as big or heavy, but Brian and Dennis gave it a try!

Brian receiving ParishCouncil Award

June 2023

Brian receiving the Parish Council Award.


June 2023

Lee’s fabulous display of pens got the most interest and some new orders!

Rob kestrel

June 2023

Rob finally got his weather vane fished and working!


May 2023

Ashington Veterans and Elders have been working hard to produce another batch of brilliantly painted items ready for their monthly sale. It is easy to see how they manage to raise so much money for their charities!

Phil planter

May 2023

Planter – Phil always has a professional standard of accuracy and finish.

Brian another solid stool

April 2023

Brian made another sturdy stool.

Alan solid block box

April 2023

Alan made yet another box – this one made from one solid block of wood.

Rob bench for dusty

April 2023

Rob made a new bench for the noisy dusty machining area.

Adrian dovetail planters

April 2023

Adrian’s dovetail jointed planters are also finsihed.

Lee 8 pens

April 2023

Lee has so many people who want a pen. Here is his latest designs, he is experimenting with various acrylics and hardwoods.

Susan and Gary's shelf help from Mark

April 2023

This bespoke shelf is Susan and Gary’s first project in the shed. With a little help from Mark.

Alan with box in development

April 2023

Alan’s fine box – he says he has a few more ideas to add!

Fran smal detail neck + tail piece

April 2023

Fran made a banjo starting with the neck made from a poplar tree!

Also showing the detail of the bridge and tail piece.

Fran detail of neck + similar poplar tree it was mad from
Fran on lathe

April 2023

Fran started to learn wood turning – first lesson was to make a large amount of perfectly formed shavings.

Alan's fine box finished inc catch

April 2023

Alan’s fine box, now with a stay, brass ring lifters and a really accurate black wood catch.

Rob router stand
Rob router drawer

April 2023

Rob made an easily moveable stand for the router table.


He was rather pleased with the tool drawer.

Graham taking finished wheelbarrow home

April 2023

Graham taking his finished wheelbarrow planter home.

Keith maker's mark bed

April 2023

Keith added a makers mark to his bed.

Fran banjo

April 2023

Fran’s finished banjo. It plays! She did say it goes out of tune rather easily so maybe Fran or others will be starting a new instrument?

Keith finished bed

April 2023

Keith’s magnificent Victorian four poster is finished. It will be installed in Caroline’s dolls house.

Brian+Dennis Fire Alarms

February 2023

Brian and Dennis installed four wired linked fire alarms and an extra emergency light. We hope the building inspector will soon be able to sign off the building!

Vince more candle holders-2

January 2023

Vince turning out more candle holders for the Elders and Veterans of Ashington charity.

Emergency light testing-2

January 2023

Part of getting the refurbishment signed off we came back at night to do an emergency lighting test!

Glyn spoon carving-2

Glyn got a lot of admiration with his spoon carving

Vince pyrograph-2

January 2023

Vince getting rather good at pyography.

Brian Christmas tree

December 2022

Brian made a clever spiral Christmas tree.

Lee pen

A close look at the acrylic, which Lee used for this pen shows the quality of his craftsmanship.

Graham little goblet

December 2022

Graham made this super little oak goblet on the lathe.

Lee pen+Mandril

December 2022

Lee has started to use a mandril to turn pens on the lathe.

Caroline+Adrian Easel2

November 2022

Caroline admiring Adrian’s rather well made artist easel.

Queue for a lathe Simon, Grham + Lee

November 2022

For the first time ever, we had a queue to get on a lathe! It is great that more people are coming to the shed and we do now have 3 lathes.


October 2022

Rob is experimenting with stainless steel tube to make bearings for his kestrel weather vane.

Adrian + mitred finger joints

October 2022

Adrian likes a challenge so with help from Glyn he is cutting these finger joints with mitred corners!

Caroline + dolls house
Lee +R lathe stand

October 2022

Caroline with lots of help from Brian is making progress with the doll’s house. Next lighting and carpets are being planned.

Lee and Rob rebuilt this lathe stand to support Lee’s lathe. They are still thinking how to cover up the bodged screw fixing.

Brian grinder safety screen
Keith box + Adrian and Dennis

September 2022

Brian made a new safety screen for our donated grinder.



Dennis and Adrian checking out Keith’s craftsmanship?

Vince many candles

September 2022

Vince is making candle holders for the Ashington Elders and Veterans Institute who sell them to raise money for the NHS.

AdrianJapanese saw-1991
BrianJapanese saw-2003

August 2022

Adrian and Brian trying out the super sharp Japanese saws.

Brian sign finished-1983

August 2022

Last bits of the sign being added

Keith carving tool rack-1973

July 2022

Keith made this rack to hold our new carving knives.

Rob bench-1982

July 2022

Rob and Keith used off cuts to make another woodwork bench,

Brian motor bearing-1896

July 2022

Our favourite dust extractor motor had a worn out motor.

Brian made a new bearing,

which failed,

so he made a better one,

but the brushes were worn, so he got new ones,

which didn’t fit,

So he cut them to fit,

And now it works fine!

Keith Loo Roll-1972

July 2022

We always knew Rob’s wooden spanner would be useful one day! There cannot be a shed with a better loo roll holder than this made by Keith.

5 wood store-9068
4 middle section-9065

June 2022

Every bit of wood has its place.

We are so organised! Now just a bit of tidying!

1 Dennis + Phil cupboard-1858

June 2022

Hanging new units.

4 Move timbeer by van-1844

May 2022

Brian organising getting our timbers to the new shed.

1 discussion Adrian Dennis Glyn + Keith-1753

May 2022

The important bit – shall we have a cup of tea?

Simon bowl Berberis

March 2023

Simon brought in a two timber bowl he made. We all admired it and quizzed him – amazingly the yellow wood is Berberis from his garden!

Clothes Horse

February 2023

Rob made an old fashioned clothes horse for a lovely lady who donated lots of engineering tools to the shed.

Glyn spoon carving

January 2023

Which is your favourite carved spoon?

Glyn’s carving is now so accurate one of these lets the light shine through!

Brian santa sledge-2

January 2023

Brian made the coolest santa!

Vince pyrography2

January 2023

Give vince a bit of birch ply and suddenly brilliant images appear!

Brian fixing new bandsaw drivebelt

January 2023

Brian repaired the bandsaw with a new drivebelt and a careful realignment.

Lee bowl 2

December 2022

Lee made this beautiful fruit bowl from some unidentified hardwood, which used to be part of a coffee table!

Lee little figure

December 2022

Lee made this cute little figure with a piece of beech.

Graham bowl + Lee pens

December 2022

Lathe work is being produced faster than it can be photographed!

Bud+Christmastree stand small

November 2022

Bud modified his Christmas tree stand with a new base so this year his tree will not fall over!

Alan plane handle repair

November 2022

Alan repaired a plane handle by inserting two new pieces of timber.

sign on springs

October 2022

Rob made a wobbly board to show when the shed is open. He used very thick strong springs, but the sign just fell over! After lots of experimenting 4 little bedspring worked rather better.

Keith sharpening drawer

October 2022

Keith is putting together a clever drawer to store sharpening stones and diamond  cards.

Alan + finger joints

October 2022

Alan is making this large mahogany box with finger joints.

Adrian + Brian wedge heads

September 2022

A wedge of coincidence! Adrian B repaired an axe and Brian is making a new handle for a donated sledge hammer.

Vince tea light

September 2022

Vince is developing a new design for tea light candles.

Adrian B bracket

September 2022

Adrian B is making metal brackets.

Keith pyrograph box-2004

August 2022

Keith’s arty pyography will be the lid of a new box.

Rob lamp fix-2001

August 2022

Rob applied his Heath Robinson thinking to repair an old energy wasting lamp!

Brians bowl-1974

July 2022

Brian got the new lathe working and made this excellent beechwood bowl.

Brian new sign-1889

July 2022

Brian fixing the new shed sign made by Rob and Keith.

Brian shelves up2-1981
Brian shelves up-1980

July 2022

Brian moved some shelves to the new shed so we can display small projects.

3 Kitchen to bandsaw-9064
2 stairs+ drill-9067

June 2022

Tea urn takes pride of place.






The drill just about fits under there.

5 Another discussion-1847

May 2022

Planning meeting number 33.

3 dismantle Warkworth Kitchen-1841

May 2022

Dismantling the Warkworth kitchen.

Dennis and Adrian dismantle

April 2022

Dennis and Adrian clear another corner of the old shed.

1 broken sledge

March 2022

A new community task – fix a broken sleigh

2 sledge fixed

March 2022

Brian and Keith soon got it repaired.

6 Phil accurate door fixer

March 2022

Phil was unfazed by second hand wobbly doors and soon had them fitting perfectly.

Keith under bench
Brian and Keith removal day

April 2022

Keith investigates how this bench was fixed.




Brian and Keith removal day

3 BrillWhiteEverywhere
5 TradeMatt

Phil, Graham and Brian cover everything in Brilliant white.

4Dennis+Keith fix balustrade

March 2022

Dennis + Keith started building the balustrade with stainless steel rods. Later it was finished in double quick time by Brian.

3 Brian+Phil Ceiling Board

February 2022

Brian and Phil got quick at putting 31 screws in every ceiling board

5 DennisAlmostClimbinginto

February 2022

Dennis got 4 ring mains and three lighting circuits into the distribution box, mind he never quite got himself in there!

1 Air Admittance_
2 Find hidden support

Rob was really happy with his air admittance valve – nobody else noticed.












Finding the hidden support by drilling and drilling again!

4 Brians board lifter

February 2022

Brian’s board lifting aid

Graham cheecks 2m headroom-2

January 2022

As we heave the new stairs into position Graham checks for the required 2m headroom.

NEOG cupboard moved

January 2022

North East Organics veg box collection cupboard had been blown over in the December storms. Brian took on the task of repairing it and setting it up in a better position.

21 Graham O cutting socket holes
20 Rob scaffold is good for a sit down

December 2021

Graham O cutting holes in the plaster ready for the sockets.

Rob finds the scaffold is a good place for a nice little sit down.

22 Brian and railway men pull brocken posts out

December 2021

Meanwhile, after the storm Brian takes on the job of fixing an Earth Balance fence and gate.

Here he gets a railway worker to help extracting the broken posts.

18 Adrian we know which cable is which

December 2021

We haven’t finally decided whether to add the planned toilet, but here Adrian is doing the ‘first fix’ for the lighting and extractor fan circuits, just in case!

19 Graham O declares shed fit for purpose
15 Graham O doing a round of inspection

December 2021

Fixing OSB board to the walls for strength.

Then covering with plasterboard to give half hour fire resistance.

Graham O doing a round of inspection.

Keith with a bandolier of plasterboard fixings.

16 Keith with bandolier of plaster fixings
17 Dennis + Adrian these holes are too small for this cable
14 Dennis keeps our wiring to regulation

November 2021

It is a surprisingly tough job to pull cables though, especially when somebody has drilled the holes too small!

Dennis makes sure all our wiring is to regulation.

13 Dennis instructing

November 2021

Dennis makes sure we understand the cabling for the second ring main.

12 Now what will we use this space for

November 2021

It is going to be a great space up here!

Brian takes on the job of fixing all the upper floorboards, helped by Adrian and shown here, Peter.

10 Peter sorting upper deck
New beam may be a bit bent, but at least it is perfectly level

November 2021

The second beam goes up quite quickly.

It is slightly ‘banana shaped’ so we are quite pleased when we manage to make the middle of it perfectly level!

9 everyone nailing joists
8 fix a few joist hangers
6 Starting to build wall by drain opening

October 2021

We start constructing the first structural stud wall, which will become the permanent support for the beam.

4 propped up beam is safe enough to walk under

October 2021

Very quickly we start feeling it is safe to walk under the heavy beam.

8 Adrian fixing joists

October 2021

Adrian starts fixing joists to the beam.

7 Oct 1st beam up

October 2021

Adrian getting ready to drill the 16mm holes  so the beams can be securely bolted together.

5 Adrian getting ready to drill the bolt holes for the new beam
2 Brian and Graham start cutting the 2nd half beam
1 New timber arrives from Percy Hudsons

October 2021

The timber arrived from Percy Hudson.

Brian and Graham W started cutting to make one of the big twin beams, which will hold up the new mezzanine.


September 2021

Everyone helped with this community task for the Dance Studio.

Jayne wanted the door to open the other way so we removed the frame and turned the whole thing round.

Insulation and plastering nearly finished

September 2021

We painted some more.

We wondered when we would hear from Building Control.

And we fitted two new LED strip lights.

3 dramatic moment first half of the beam propped

October 2021

A dramatic moment the first half of the beam is propped up.

October 2021

Our plans receive approval!


August 2021

We started looking at becoming a registered charity, we re wrote our safety policy and we got some lottery funding!

Brian 6m up, safety helmet jams between joists

August 2021

We painted and painted and painted.

As soon as we hear from Building Control we will start the Mezzanine.

Dennis with trunking

July 2021

Dennis took charge of installing our first ring main with help from Keith

Caroline with petals

July 2021

The Ashington Veterans and Elders Institute make flowers, which they sell to raise impressive amounts of cash for an NHS charity. The veterans asked for some help cutting petals and Caroline volunteered saying she might cut ‘one or two’!

EB Shed-13 Caroline checking we have everything tight
diesel is separated

June 2021

Caroline worked with everyone.

The diesel generator was sold destined for a new life at sea.

EB Shed-9 Keith strengthens side door
EB Shed-12 George and Brian cutting more board

May 2021

Keith strengthened the side door

George and Brian cut yet another piece of plasterboard.

EB Shed-11 Dennis fixes one of final pieces
Brian on a ladder balanced on top of another ladder

May 2021

Dennis fixes one of the final pieces of plasterboard.

Brian needs two ladders to replace a high tile.

EB Shed-5 Mark IC bench layout

May 2021

Mark took charge of accurate drawing.

We gave up trying to find a professional to help with our building regulation application and in the end Rob sharpened his pencil and sent some drawings to Northumberland Building Control.


April 2021

Brian and Rob hired a van, drove to Hartlepool, found the ‘olde Sweet Shop’  and brought back this magnificent 6m high scaffold.

George standing by LibraryCIMG2339

April 2021

George answered a call from a new community centre in Cambois to make a free mini library.

money and pens

February 2021

With advice from Keith Nicholson we increase our bid for resilience funding to finance the refurbishment of the Energy building with the promise of a peppercorn rent.

road works

March 2021

Keeping well distanced because of lockdown Keith, George, Brian, Adrian and Rob repaired the Earth Balance tarmac drive.

Hogan Wordpress

January 2021

Rob started learning how to make a website by watching 4 hour videos by the very clever Hogan Chua.

Christmas dec Keith Caroline and Rob528kb

December 2020

Keith, Caroline and Rob did make a few decorations

Marks Fan filter 138kb

November 2020

Mark is making a fan and Hepa filter to ensure dust free spray booth work.

Path rubber hammer

October 2020

Brian, Keith and Rob using a rubber hammer to practise the black art of paving. It worked with perfect wobble free flatness!    Autistic centre can now use a covid safe exit.

Brian 2nd Dance table 565kb

November 2020

Brian made a 2nd table for the MPA Dance Studios


Marks Fan filter-2 209kb

November 2020

Mark’s fan, look at the finely engineered sliding seal.

Caroline hearts- 500high

October 2020

Caroline made these decorative hearts


energy building

October 2020

We had a first look inside the Energy Building, which we hope will be our new workshop at the end of the year!


Brian cutting Toby door 83kb

July 2020

Brian and Rob repaired the Toby Henderson door (again) it was tricky to find any un-splintered timber to fix into!


Margarets blue flower painting 139kb

May 2020

Margaret again has a Japanese theme in this painting.

bench for dance 550wide

September 2020

Dennis, Adrian and Rob made a table for the new dance group on site.


closed shed 85kb

Workshop closed

 from 17th March. We Opened again at the end of July 2020 with restricted numbers in the workshop and face masks required inside the building.


George box at home

April 2020

It is heartening to see George managed to make this smart box during lockdown.


Kestrel wing 204kb

August 2020

Rob started on a kestrel shaped weather vane.


Don's oriental bird feeder

May 2020

Don made this bird feeder Japanese style.


Margarets red flower painting 160kb

May 2020

Margaret may not be able to get into the shed just now, but she seems to know what she is doing with a paintbrush!


Georges candle holders heart

April 2020

George is going to find a lot of people copying this romantic candle holder!

Georges pawn

April 2020

George made a copy of this pawn, but which is the original?

Margarets blue flower painting 139kb

May 2020

Margaret again has a Japanese theme in this painting.

Black wheelbarrow small 153kb

January 2020

Rob finished another wheelbarrow planter

Georges phone and watch stand

April 2020

George keeps designing new phone stands, this one is neat and it also holds a watch.

Brian M's first Shed project_

March 2020

Brian M, recently joined the shed and already he has made this little cactus holder – his first Shed project!

Brian's Dolphin 63kb

January 2020

Brian’s Dolphin on a wave. Look at the quality!

Brian's knots

To do or knot to do?

Some of us have been trying to solve this puzzle for longer than Brian has taken to accurately mark and cut and make them fit together!

George log on phone charger+

January 2020

George made this stainless steel log and axe some time ago, but now he has used it in his new phone charger stand.

small brass logo 118kb

January 2020

Rob then added a little brass plate so the new owners of the planter would remember where it came from!

George christmas best

December 2019

George has been creating these wonderful painted Christmas decorations.


November 2019

Keith is lying down on the job in the kitchen, but making a brilliant job to undercut the door jambs, whilst Rob is having a pensive moment, admiring his work and thinking about where to lay the next board.

Saw Sign ist attempt

September 2019

Rob was pleased with the look of his signs to point people in the direction of our shed.

Colins Dolphin 86kb

July 2019

Colin took a little bit of bench top and made this sleek dolphin. The fixing of the stand was an engineering triumph!

George birds edited

December 2019

George made these Christmas decorations by slicing small logs and then painting these delicate  bird images.

Laminate-Floor-2 + dust

November 2019

The floor is nearly done, but what about the dust?

Saw sign painted

September 2019

Shame Rob’s signs did not really stand out so he painted them. Now he just needs to fix the blistering paint!

Dennis cricket stumps 107kb

July 2019

Dennis made these fabulous cricket stumps for his lucky grand children!

November 2019

The Shed had a request from Carers Northumberland to help a couple in Amble. They had seen hard times over the last year and had been living on a concrete floor. The Shed took on the challenge we laid a laminate floor.  The magnificent three, Rob, Keith and Brian did the job, though there were a few tired limbs the next day! Age creeps onwards!

Laminate-Floor-3 hall

November 2019

We had enough laminate to do the entrance hall as well.


August 2019

Yet more creativity by Keith … An beautiful elliptical box.

Gramophone finished 139kb

June 2019

Rob found this 1927 gramophone in a ditch fifty years ago. It needed some repairs, a little tidying and now it is ready to play “Enjoy Yourself”!

Keiths Keyfob

May 2019

Keith got creative with end grain making a Key-fob.

George box-2

May 2019

George made this neat box with impressive mitre corners.

wheelbarrow dismantled 97kb

April 2019

Rob then took the wheelbarrow  apart again to apply wood preservative in every joint.

Keiths box
keith box open

March 2019

Keith’s jewellery box has a two tone lid, bespoke hinges, a velvet lining and his insert tray sinks slowly in place as the air escapes!

Keiths Box-2-1

May 2019

Keith’s speciality … another box … his wife must have a lot of jewellery!

George Candle holder-2

May 2019

George developed the candle holder idea using this attractive cherry wood branch.

keith box front

March 2019

Keith started, simply playing with dovetails, but he kept adding interest until he had produced a classy Jewellery box.

Keiths Box-2-2

May 2019

Keith’s end grain symmetry makes the lid special.

wheelbarrow pretreated 110kb

April 2019

Rob declared his wheel barrow planter finished.

Marks coasters 80kb

February 2019

Mark made these rather clever coasters.

Marks planters

February 2019

Mark completed these bespoke planters and installed them in the Toby Henderson garden.

Carolines mineral shelf-2

December 2018

Caroline made this stylish display case for her mineral collection.

plant pot rack 68kb

October 2018

Brian made this smart plant pot rack and Mark added the decoration.

little wood sorted
timber store organised 87kb

September 2018

We begin to get the new wood store organised.

Steve's cake stand-2

August 2018

Steve made both this unique cake stand and also these ‘lollipop cakes’!

members with new sign 104kb

November 2018

Brian made this large sign for the front of the shed. It is rather grand!

Brian's picnic table 196kb

October 2018

Enjoying autumn sunshine and testing Brian’s design for a new picnic table – all made from pallet timber!

Letter box 84kb

Sepember 2018

We add a letter box to the new wood store.

sawing trestles by Brian 144kb

July 2018

Brian made these brilliant sawing trestles.

P1010116 Marks coasters 2

April 2018

Mark has been busy making coasters for a sale of goods later in the year.


October 2018

I bet Brian is going to have a few people trying to copy these robins!

wide shelves at Toby H

October 2018

Rob and Brian made these large shelves for the Toby Henderson Autistic Centre.

Mark's window boxes

August 2018

Mark likes to give himself a challenge – these dovetails are so accurate!

Notice Boards 122kb

May 2018

An order was placed by Bedlington Dr Pitt Allotments for 5 outdoor notice boards.Two shown here.

P1010117 Marks candle holders

April 2018

Mark also made these candle holders.


March 2018

Brian topping out with the final roof panel of our marvellous new lean-to.

Brians eagle at allotment

January 2018

The eagle landed at the allotment and fitted with a rotating base, so its a weather vane as well !


January 2018

George is making this base for a golf trophy. He is using a mini router for accuracy.

brian + Alistair cube

April 2017

Brian made a new adapter for a circular saw blade when a request came in from the Autistic Centre requiring a cube to be constructed. This filled a Friday afternoon for Brian and Adrian.


March 2018

Building the new store. Soon we will have a secure place for all our timber.

eagle smaller-1010101

January 2018

Brian’s eagle has a scary look so the crops do survive and the pigeons stay away!

bird table

December 2017

Rob completed his bird table, made from recycled maple, which came from the London Underground 

Rob+Dennis fish numbers8okb

March 2017

Phil who runs Sleekburn Trout Fishery wants numbers for each of his fishing jetties. Dennis and Rob are learning how to use a router to do stylish signs in treated softwood. Maybe, we’ll start a sign writing money making venture?

Slide strengthened for Toby H-110923

February 2018

Rob strengthened this slide for the wonderful Toby Henderson Trust, which does great work with children on the autistic spectrum. I am sure George the Labrador inspecting considered his work satisfactory! 

pile of ply-075833

June 2017

We are gifted several loads of plywood from Carlisle Railway station refurbishment. Ideas now needed for projects using ply!

small -160109
Marks chopping board20170216_160153

February 2017

Mark made this chopping board for his cousin, hope she likes it. Top marks for quality! To do the grooves he first had to refurbish a very old router and fix it to a donated router table.



January 2017

We made a metal ramp to help Fresh element move their heavy wheeled racks.

Me sawing _DSC7356

November 2016

We need a bigger tool rack.