Our Members are the most friendly bunch   . . ….        

Keith Nicholson

Famously positive and friendly manager of Earth Balance site.  Keith started the Shed and provided a building for the club.

Rob Ferguson

Founding member, treasurer and key holder. Always able to add a surprise little error to every task.


Youthful member, key holder and trustee in charge of safety. Mark can always be relied upon to find jobs for idle hands and astonishingly he still makes smart projects to high standards


Unfailingly cheerful and her ideas are always revolutionary. Famous for her skull shaped crash helmet holder. 


Trustee, in charge of the electrical refurbishment resident expert on all local intrigue, and surprisingly he sometimes makes quality projects.


Too busy baking prizewinning cakes to turn up every week at the shed, but when he does a laugh is guaranteed.


Chairman, key holder, unfailingly nice to everyone and undisputed productivity champion. We are not sure where he hides his mistakes, but we keep looking!


 Trustee and producer of several refurbishment ideas. Careful mathematician, Adrian produces smart little projects, and eventually he will let us photograph one of them..


World traveller, expertise in microprocessor production – thank goodness he occasionally has to have two tries before achieving perfection.


Trustee, champion story teller and taking the lead in dovetail joints, boxes and fancy patterns with wood grain


At the moment in June 2022 we have 10 fairly regular members, plus 12 who also belong to the Ashington Veterans and Elders Institute and a few others who we only see rarely.




Occasional visitor, Tom has donated and given advice on the workshop and the website.